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Basic knowledge of classification, washing and maintenance of linen

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Basic knowledge of classification, washing and maintenance of linen

Basic knowledge of classification, washing and maintenance of hotel linen


Before the hotel linen is washed, it must be classified according to different materials. Generally, it can be divided into pure cotton, silk, wool, polyester and so on. According to the color, it can be divided into white, light, dark, and black. The surface is divided into three types according to the dirt and degree: dirty, more dirty, and most dirty. Do not put them together to avoid coloring or Stained, and most dirty linen, some are subject to special pre-treatment, and then the normal washing process.



Pure cotton fabric can resist alkali and high temperature during washing, but the pure cotton fabric with color should not be washed with high alkali and high temperature to avoid discoloration, and can not be bleached with fluorine bleach. Only low alkali detergent or bleaching can be used. washing. Pure cotton fabrics have a large degree of shrinkage, wrinkles are likely to occur after washing, and are prone to mildew under humid conditions, so they should be washed in time and stored properly.




Wool fabrics belong to protein fibers, which cannot be washed with high temperature, and should not be washed. Generally, dry cleaning should be used. If the wool blend fabric is washed with water, it should also be soaked with a neutral detergent at a low temperature (generally below 50 degrees Celsius), and it should not be dehydrated at a high speed, but should be dehydrated at a medium speed and dried at a low temperature.



Silk fabrics are also protein fibers. They are damaged by high alkalinity, high temperature and friction. Adding a small amount of white vinegar or acetic acid during the last washing of water can improve the silky effect of silk fabrics. Do not dry at high temperatures or dry in strong


sunlight, otherwise it will affect the gloss and strength. If you use a household iron, the temperature cannot be too high.



The polyester has high gloss and smoothness, but it is hard and easy to crepe. The polyester fabric can resist alkali, but it is not resistant to high temperature. It is necessary to control the washing temperature at about 60 degrees Celsius, and it can not be exposed to strong fire and sunlight to avoid brittleness. When washing chemical fiber fabrics, it is best to use three parts of general purpose powder and one part of emulsifier. When the temperature is raised to 60 degrees Celsius, add a small amount of oxygen bleaching agent, or when adding water to the second time, add appropriate amount of neutralizing agent to get ideal washing. effect.

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